My Own Secret Garden

Myself on the hike by Jessica Jennings

Myself on the hike by Jessica Jennings

As long as I can remember, The Secret Garden (1993) has been my favorite movie and I’ve also never walked any of the hiking trails in my town, at least not until today. You would think someone who connects all the nature scenes she comes across to her favorite movie would be a hiking expert and know which berries you could eat and where poison ivy thrives and have at least one garden, but that’s not me.

However, today, my friend Jess got me to go on a hike with her. It was so spur of the moment I even went in a pair of flats and flared jeans. Well, I ditched my muddy shoes, when I got home, and soaked my socks and jeans clean, but, like I told Jess, “I didn’t realize I needed this until I did it!”

When I was little and first discovered to magic of The Secret Garden (1993), I used to use my front bushes, a row of bent and drooping bark that either stood bare or bloomed with yellow flowers or green leaves, to transport myself into Mary’s story. It was the best I could do, for someone who needed permission to even go to her front yard. I found the wick Dickon taught Mary about and I had my mom pretend to run away from me, like Mary’s mother getting sucked away by a deadly gust of wind in a dream. I even pretended to cry. Well, I guess even my playtime reflected the world’s sadness that I absorbed and wondered about.

Hmmm… Maybe, I should write about my childhood and adult reflections on the film, but for now I can explain what my hike was like. It’s Sunday and it struck me that I didn’t go church (denomination: United Church of Christ), but taking the hike allowed to see majestic green (it’s a warm Winter this year) land sprinkled with moss covered rocks and rivers made by God. It’s corny, but it was beautiful and something I wouldn’t keep a secret, although the rare sightings of people did give it a special effect and gave my friend Jess plenty of photo opportunities, like the one of me.

-Jennifer The Writer


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