Made Clean



“Palm Cross”  Photo by Katelyn Avery

Just as Easter was about to get here, memes that explained the way Easter falls and some of the things we associate with it (Ex:eggs, bunnies) are actually derived from a pagan holiday circulated the internet (at least where I went). Well, since I already knew that about Christmas, this wasn’t a big shocker. However, it did give me a chance to reflect on the way people take this news.

Some people will adamantly insist Jesus’s birth did occur on December 25th, although historians have taught us the census Mary and Joseph had to travel to Bethlehem for didn’t occur then. Others will also find ways to erase the proof of pagan roots by writing stories to Christianize them, like to connect eggs and rabbits to Jesus’s resurrection.

However, maybe, there doesn’t have to be such conflict about the pagan roots of religious holidays, as long as they are in honor of God and Jesus, not pagan gods and rituals. In Acts 10:9-15, Peter has a vision where he is told to not say anything that God has made clean is unclean, so, maybe, the way some people assume pagan roots defile Christian holidays is wrong.

Jesus wanted us to love one another, so would He be so mad if we placed presents under a tree for each other or in a basket (although, personally, I’m against letting kids believe in Santa or the Easter bunny)? God made the trees, eggs, and rabbits, so, if we don’t use them for pagan rituals but for Christian purposes are they still unclean or are they made clean by God?



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